The Board House may be the best place in northern IL to paddleboard! In our opinion, the lake at Three Oaks Recreation Area in Crystal Lake, IL. is the best lake to paddle board. Why? The lake is 338 acres of clear, clean water. The perfect size because it takes about two hours to paddle around. Then you have plenty of fish, turtles and wildlife to view while you’re on the water. The lake has 8 islands and 5 bays to explore and except for the patrol boat, there are no motor boats on the lake to create a wake. Then there’s the Board House itself. It has a private launch area for enjoying many different paddleboard activities with a large fleet of paddle boards to rent.

About The Board House

The Board House is a concession, owned and operated by Alpine Accessories and located on the north side of the lake at Three Oaks Recreation Area in Crystal Lake, IL. It is the first dedicated stand up paddle board facility in the Chicago area. The Board House has a large fleet of rental paddle boards and equipment for your enjoyment. If you enjoy paddleboarding, or want to find out what it’s all about, we invite you to come down and visit.

Dry Land Instruction

Paddle Board Lessons

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced lessons are available. Taking a lesson you will learn the basics to advanced paddle strokes, based on your skill level, so you will have the best experience and more fun. Instructors give about 10-15 minutes dry land, time on water with the instructor and the remaining time you practice on the water.


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