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Therm IC Battery Heated Gloves and Mitten Care

Batteries deteriorate over time. But with proper storage and care, the life of your batteries in your battery powered heated gloves or mittens can be prolonged and will give you maximum life and strength.

Everyday use:

  1. Fully charge batteries prior to each use.
  2. Turn power on only when your hands are cold. If you're hands are comfortable, turn the power off or to low to save the batteries.
  3. Turn power off when you go inside for a break or lunch.
  4. After every use, make sure the gloves/mittens are dry, then store in a cool dry place. )

Long term storage for Heated Gloves

(example - over the summer)

  1. Turn on the power and leave on until the batteries are fully discharged.
  2. Then charge the batteries halfway. A 1/2 charge takes about 2 hours.
  3. Disconnect the batteries from the charger and from the gloves/mittens.
  4. Store the gloves/mittens in a cool, dry place.
  5. If storing for longer than 6 months, repeat above steps every 6 months.
  6. If storing over the summer, we recommend charging Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays. You can get a reminder to charge your battery via email. Go to the top of the header and click on "Email Newsletter" and check your interest for Battery Heated Items. You will then get an email around Memorial Day and Labor Day to charge your batteries.

Proper storage and care will only prolong the life of your gloves/mittens. For more information, refer to your owners manual.

Therm-ic batteries for heated gloves and mittens.
Charging Connector with White Arrow
Therm-ic batteries for heated gloves and mittens.
Current Therm-IC Lithium Battery
for 2018 and newer gloves
and K2 BFC or Recon ski boot with heat
Therm-ic batteries for heated gloves and mittens.
Therm-IC Lithium Battery
Discontinued glove battery for 2015-2017 model gloves
Therm-ic batteries for heated gloves and mittens.
Discontinued glove battery for 2015 and older model gloves